dr. m. d. niijbraer's mission to annexia

transmission two the thirteenth of the sixth two thousand and six one forty seven twelve dark thirty one kilograms for check in and too damn much carry on but it's all going as planned so far listening to honey pie on the headphones the stewardesses are coming trying to keep up the cool front of a seasoned traveller two forty oh five dark the fucking flight is late by twenty minutes what the hell is going on are they on to me two fifty one dark used the i need to piss trick to get to the waiting lounge feeling smug about the white guy who was staring at me before i don't know him but i hate him already i wonder if he is also an agent two fifty four dark fuck he's in with the others damn and he's getting closer to the impending line up i must beat him now three ten dark yes i'm on i beat the guy and got on ok aisle seat thirty eight d although economy of course who can afford to pay agents these days whatever i like my access to the stewardesses and the food and the toilet it's strange the first announcements they make are in spanish then annexian and then finally english three twenty seven dark my god i love these peoples their children are adorable their emergency instructions are done anime style and the stewardesses wear those uniforms and speak in soft and high voices all i can think of right now is covering every one of them with jissom buckets and buckets of warm jissom the internet would do that to you three thirty dark they are showing us the video feed of the takeoff don delillo would be proud three thirty five dark i have never seen my own takeoff before even though i have flown my share of flights since early childhood but then again now that i am able to see it all on the big screen all the magic is gone you know exactly what the tumble and the shake correspond to as this steel bird makes love to the concrete and then lets go ahh fuck i'm falling asleep over twenty four hours on the mission now some fucking kid is screaming even as i'm falling asleep three forty nine dark we have takeoff four sixteen dark i just went to the lavatory and ended up brushing my teeth for no reason whatsoever with the little toothbrush and toothpaste they provide because it seemed like the thing to do a perfectly presented clandestine thing to do i smile now because i have just brushed my teeth and no one knows god damn the stewardesses do change clothes every three seconds it's aprons with hot air balloons on them fascinating in conclusion i now firmly believe that the pinnacle of civilisation is having a cold annexian beer at whatever thousand feet off the ground with peanuts four thirty five dark what friggin' time zone am i in anyway now still watching jaws it's naive but good four thirty nine dark heh looks like i'm going to pop another cherry i will cross the international date line five forty four dark dammit got a stain on my tie eight twenty three dark just got over a migraine headache watching kim possible along with the sexual content within it such as a scorned woman the perfect weapon eight forty seven dark interesting when a few hours ago the stewardess was handing out the disembarkation cards it turned out that not that many of the passengers had annexia as their final destination just flying through where are they going then jazz and plenty of it eight fifty one dark did we cross the international date line already is it safe to speak now i am one day in the future i have a couple of very good guidebooks to annexia in my bag but i don't want to read them just yet i want to see how much i can explore on my own until i once again due to my ignorance of annexian will find myself as helpless as a baby and a little confused exactly what i want them to think nine thirty seven dark they asked me to move to another seat to help out the man with the screaming kid no matter i just want to keep track of my things and my positions nine forty six dark well yes i do mind a bit but the tradeoff is that i get to be the good guy and the cute stewardess will call me sir a few more times ten thirty four i can't believe i saw big momma two and liked it i suppose after all i'm not as much of a cinematic elitist as i thought ten forty two dark i just noticed something very interesting the standard cutlery set on anx airlines flights includes two metal spoons one metal fork and a plastic knife really it's not that hard to kill a man with a tbcl stainless steel fork if one were so inclined ten thirty five dark what if this is all staged what i mean is that i haven't left this section of the plane for hours and what with the video feeds of the outside world in the beginning we saw the plane through the window but then they fed us into this room through a windowless corridor you never know yes you eleven oh one dark now i'm really impressed with anx's tv music remote control cum video game pad with a built in credit card operated phone insanity just the way i like it sunny side up god i love this jazz eleven oh nine dark i remembered an article i read once in the interzone courier criticising the interzone jazz festival the guy called it the jizz festival which brings me back to cum and the video of the annexian anchorwoman you might have seen it she is reading the news as men approach her and confess all over her face she looks up their naivete dribbling from her lips hanging from her chin and just continues reading the news hot stuff eleven fifteen dark of course remember the announcements in spanish well i'll bet you they are meant for filipinos those other people flying through annexia it all makes sense now eleven sixteen dark this pen will never run out of ink three twenty two dark a stitch in time i switched to annexian time still not sure if it's wednesday

the fourteenth of the sixth two thousand and six though i think that makes sense because my transfer flight is on the fourteenth and the watch thinks that's a wednesday so it's settled then now i have to figure out the deal with my luggage which was sent ahead to antigone city three thirty five dark craziness i see khabarovsk on the map i'm a stone's throw from mother russia but now is not the best of times to be thinking about defection maybe defecation at most jazz snare fast woman slowly kneeling before man after worship of love light three thirty eight dark dammit i need access to a computer what is this damn paper report writing anyway four oh two dark we have begun our descent i can see a city on the video feed four thirteen dark humming the girl from ipanema four twenty five dark touchdown one down one to go five thirty dark immigration check customs check passport control gate fifty three six fourteen dark there is a stern annexian lady sitting one seat over to the left i wonder what she is thinking if there is one thing i want to figure out before i'm in the ground is how to judge age demeanour and character of course the annexians hide all three well six twenty dark i want to be like the toddler a few seats over waaaaaaah i want tits waaah i want pussy waaaa i want love waaaaaaaaaaah i want beer an easy to do well paying job a wife two cars two children a house tenure master's degree a ph fucking d sex highs and creativity and endless life waaaaaaaah six twenty three dark the toddler stopped whining and is now eating a muffin i wonder if my pale white face from too much pc poetry and masturbation is what makes him open his eyes widely every time he looks in my direction six twenty six dark i absolutely love the animation of the herd of passengers running away from the airplane in a panicked frenzy six twenty seven dark the toddler just realised his own mortality six thirty four dark the voyeuristic routine of takeoff repeats six thirty eight dark i guess bistoya airport was fun too bad i didn't see yuplo at all six forty one another delay we are standing at the ass end of another plane on the monitors looks a little like grand theft auto come to think of it or maybe it even looks like us seeing ourselves in third person any way you slice it kilroy was here six fourty five dark we are now shadowing the other plane stalking it deftly it's much too bulky to turn around and look but i wonder who is stalking us right now six forty seven two planes on the monitors what the hell is going on six fifty we're moving again six fifty two we're moving again we are courting the other plane sniffing its arse getting ready to mount it six fifty four dark i call this type of takeoff the quickie up in the air rough and dirty in under a minute end of story god i'm hungry six fifty six dark lavatory toilet washroom restroom water closet john or loo six fifty seven dark the plane whines about its own mortality baby moses is silent comatose sleeping so is this what antigone looks like from above eh seven oh seven dark it's cold now i think it's because it's a smaller plane plus it's getting dark seven oh eight dark come to think of it the woman sitting one seat over reminds me of an elongated version of erin's mother the woman looks about fifty maybe fifty five was she alive when the neutron bombs fell her parents maybe i wonder what she thinks of white people because of that all white people are after all all natives of interzone seven twenty one dark listening to honey pie seven thirty one dark and this type of landing i shall term the nosedive nice aerial views of what i assume is antigone though it's dark now seven thirty five dark no i think this is the nosedive seven forty dark wrong again now i think seven forty four dark pfft no way smooth stuff touchdown did it happen at all one oh six light garth is a really nice guy thirties stuck in this loop loves anime bittorrent antigone other people sweating one nine nine five eight one you new day new style new temple took my first dump in annexia will jerk off for the first time in annexia now one eleven light by this twilight i would fuck your brains out but the phraseology does not allow you the luxury of knowing whose brains i am referring to

the fifteenth of the sixth two thousand and six birds are singing at the amay otom train station last night and this morning i had a sudden urge to have sex but not simply so every place had its sexual use every nook and cranny their purpose the train passes by the window but it doesn't bother me much i'm on the train right now headed to antigone castle the man opposite me took out a fan and started fanning himself now a monk comes in god i love being a fetish object everyone looks at me with such curiosity that i could laugh perhaps i have underestimated this sort of cover this is why i decided to wear a business suit even for casual outings i am not a tourist i am a professional i look like i know what i'm doing the clothes make the man i am young and attractive i am desirable a fetish good stuff god the garbage thing burnable non burnable and recyclable what a mess i do feel guilty about messing up the clean pretty world of the annexians so i grudgingly obey twelve seventeen dark a guy who introduces himself as dave sidles up to me and strikes up a conversation with me he offers to help me with whatever and his english is very good he gives me a pen with a phone number of a service he sells or works for dave said he works for a supermarket and another american company sometimes interesting twelve fifty five dark on the approach to antigone castle i found a snail in a shell i touched it with the tip of my shoe it hid into its shell one twenty two dark i am walking through the antigone castle gardens fantasising about being the lover boy pet of a powerful lord or general wearing intricate robes taking in the magnificence of the mild refined atmosphere drifting through the rooms two thirty seven dark cats roam on the castle grounds i saw a black one and an orange one a perpetual fog hangs over the city sometimes i imagine the fog lifting and revealing the city in all its entirety to me but not today i am writing between the raindrops on the pages of my notebook three fifteen dark ronald mcdonald the spawn of satan speaks annexian of course three forty eight dark schoolgirls finally ten thirty one dark i'm a little worried it's ten days until payday and i'm four hundred dollars short already somehow fuckit if alpacino can speak annexian on tv i can deal with this shit i went to the office today put in an appearance with jason now im free until monday i love the annexian light rail system garth was right with ubiquity and cheapness like this seven dollars for an all day pass who needs the bus after going to the office i went to the antigone castle where i called my father i was really impressed but i did also wonder a bit if the annexians take it for granted oh and the two inner walls inside the castle's compound have real deer amazing at about three dark the schoolgirls came out oh my god those short skirts those sailor suits hard on central and speaking of which after a few hours at the castle i called the info line and went straight to nonnak uso the shopping district there was a great temple on the way there and then i bought some annexian porno games when i got to good will my heart leapt out of my body god dammit this is a computer store in short amazing advanced equipment for good prices and selection to hell and back i bought the same wireless keyboard and mouse i had in interzone only with annexian letters and a smaller spacebar then i got a nice case and a five hundred watt power supply, a three hundred dollar liquid crystal monitor and then i got some top-notch lolicon porno and was ready to go home when one of the bags and the handle of the monitor box gave and so i had to stop my trek to the subway at another computer store the owners were reluctant to call me a cab cultural taboo perhaps by the way there are no street names in annexia mostly apparently only intersection and area names eventually the owner of the store called a cab anyway i was back home in no time now where the hell is that four hundred dollars i couldn't have spent so much i checked ten times damn well there's no good without bad oh yeah i think garth put in a good word for me since in the morning jason gave me the exact placement i wanted good stuff anyway i came back home and went to get groceries i got a ton of stuff at the dollar store for about eighty dollars i'll bet anything it'll last me these couple of weeks eating when i need to eat seems to be a good policy right now because i don't feel very hungry these days and also i don't have to plan jack shit in advance most working people here seem to lead the nomadic lifestyle anyway snacking eating at small family restaurants buying stuff from street vendors oh yeah beer is sold at the grocery stores here i think they played the kalinka on an annexian tv ad just now anyways i'm going to go masturbate to that amazing porno some more i'm too tired to build the computer right now eleven oh six dark and another thing no taboo about buying selling or reading of porn eighteen and over and get to it no special sections for it most of the time ps what jet lag pps most of the windows in annexian apartments start below waist level probably because of kneeling at low tables

the sixteenth of the sixth two thousand and six four oh three computer assembled in a couple of hours everything works perfectly definitely depressed for no damn reason a couple of aspirins but no butter to fry my eggs forgot to buy it yesterday watching lone gunmen on the computer damn i'm still missing the four hundred dollars which puts me at seven hundred something right now the computer case is amazing a huge fan on both the input and output plus dust filters on the front panel it has a screwless setup with plastic snaps for drives and cards which is not bad

the seventeenth of the sixth two thousand and six ten thirty four light feeling much better today i'm going to see art as a matter of fact it's friggin' hot and humid i'm wearing sandals ten thirty six light mhumm it's the humidity and heat this is why i find myself drinking so many liquids another thought does it make me more humble if being a foreigner i am free to make various faux pas and then apologise or more of an asshole and here's another doozie my inability to read annexian is very liberating no ads no signs no bullshit it's all abstract semiotics for a while twelve fifty four dark i went to an exhibit at the antigone city art museum the main show was of niki de phalle whose daring yet sensitive work made a great impression upon me particularly her love letter series the permanent exhibit was also very nice i even saw a crazy ass one room project, which is some sort of postmodern minimalist shite he calls it pure art the attendant girl explained to me mhumm an annexian pigeon just walked really close to me all good things one eighteen dark my god i think i saw a russain couple gaudily dressed and all then again maybe just white people with a poor sense of fashion oh yes i completely forgot about the homeless shantytown that i accidentally wandered into on my way to the art museum three words really well organised and neat two twenty dark i am in the basement of the jr tower waiting for my nakni to be made i'm eating a heavenly banana chocolate cream crepe and i am feeling incredibly civilised in this clean clean well lit place i do hate the friggin' anal retentive recycling policy but oh well no place is perfect but these people really try to be happy in the aristotelian sense of the word this department store is very nice but incredibly pricy i asked for a tie clip and was taken aback by the prices i still need a tie clip though the ones i saw were all ugly anyway in that supposedly stylish way ps the crepe place is called donatello's three forty five dark so this is my crazy cool nakni it's supposed to spell out niijbraer but if read will be pronounced as nybrager anyways i took the blue line in the wrong direction and got off immediately after that before that the little kids on the subway were looking at me with great curiosity then i went back to nonnak uso for a while but it started to rain cats and dogs so I bought some more cheap ham and orange juice and went back home

the eighteenth of the sixth two thousand and six i am going through my regular morning routine take a crap start taking a shower forget about the water heater it takes about five minutes to heat up to forty two degrees go do sit ups in my imatat room i did thirty today twenty yesterday and ten the day before that shower dammit im out of shampoo bodywash or whatever crap that was in my graduation package get dressed and eat corn flakes while watching annexian game shows about various cuts of meat later on today i'm going to type up all this mess and go find an internet cafe to transmit this first report maybe mail some things mhumm this one is about girls in pink coveralls and puppy dogs well now that i've vacuumed the place more or less the itamat room seems to generate most of the dust and fairly quickly at that the girls on tv just opened a box with a dog shaped cake the tv has nine channels this other show is taking bets on the water displacement of a ricebowl and the two contestants are trying really hard to look like idiots who don't know basic physics now i think some sort of beaver advertises something called self medication noodles called ufo are a very good idea by the way now i think there was a short history of a blackboard and chalk maker on tv i think i just saw meg ryan pushing some sort of coffee do all the b list actors pack up and go to annexia or what alright back to business one fifty one dark is there a special significance to listening to the all your base song in annexia i think so